122: Angel-investing in China with a 26% compound return

122: Angel-investing in China with a 26% compound return



In this episode of China Paradigm, we interview Philip Beck. Philip Beck - 贝曦贤 is an Australian-born entrepreneur who’s been living and working in China since 2005. After 32 years across Asia-Pacific (1976-2008) as CEO and/or COO of publicly-listed international 4A’s media agencies and recruitment companies, Philip became a full-time Entrepreneur and Non-Executive Director in 2009. Philip Beck is a highly experienced angel-investor in China and a chairman & co-founder at Moojing Market Intelligence. In this new China Paradigm podcast we find out why Philip beck decided to move from Australia to China, what is his formula for good investments and how to stay away from potentially bad investments as well as why his SaaS Moojing is one of the best on the market in China. Stay tuned. 

在这一次中国范例,我们采访了Philip Beck。Philip Beck - 贝曦贤是一位出生在澳大利亚的企业家。自从2005年开始了在中国的工作和生活。Philip在担任了32年(1976-2008)国际上市4A的媒体代理和人才招聘公司的跨亚太地区CEO和COO后。在2009年Philip成为了一名全职的企业家和非执行董事。Philip Beck现在是一位对中国市场富有经历的天使投资人同时是魔镜市场情报的董事长和联合创始人。在这一期新的中国范例播客里,我们了解了为何Philip Beck决定从澳大利亚搬至中国,他的出色的投资公式是什么,以及如何规避潜在的不良投资,另外他的魔镜市场情报为何是中国市场最好的SaaS之一。