121: Advertising in China with transparency and precise targeting

121: Advertising in China with transparency and precise targeting



In this episode of China Paradigm, we interview Jie Zhang, a serial entrepreneur with a strong tech background and founder at AdChina.io a software as a service (SaaS) platform that makes advertising in China easier for foreign brands. The differences between advertising in China and the West are staggering when it comes to how the various Chinese social media platforms handle the way they push content to their users. This is where AdChina.io can be used by brands as a tool to test out different marketing strategies and gather valuable information about Chinese consumers’ behavior. But how does AdChina.io actually work and what level of integration does it provide in relation to the different Chinese social media platforms out there? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm podcast.

在本季的中国范例中,我们采访了Jie Zhang, 他拥有深厚的科技背景,是一家名为AdChina的SaaS平台的创始人。该公司致力于让外国品牌可以更容易地在国内发广告。不同的社交媒体平台如何处理向用户推送内容的方式上,中国和西方的差异是惊人的。这正是AdChina可以被品牌利用于测试不同的营销策略,收集关于中国消费者行为的有价值的信息。但是,AdChina到底是如何运作的?与中国不同的社交媒体平台相比,它提供了什么程度的整合?让我们在本次的中国范例播客中找到答案吧。