vol.42 996播客第一季收官:和童士豪、张睿聊聊这档播客背后的故事

vol.42 996播客第一季收官:和童士豪、张睿聊聊这档播客背后的故事



GGV Fellows is accepting applicants for its 2020 cohort. The program, which is a week-long intensive learning experience in Beijing, provides a fast track for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become part of China’s startup ecosystem. On top of hearing from some of the biggest names in China’s tech industry, fellows will be equipped with essential skill sets to survive and thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavor and get plugged into the supportive network GGV provides. The deadline for applications is Sept 30th. The program will be in Beijing from Jan.2nd to the 6th, 2020.

*Note that the program will be conducted in Mandarin, so the applicants need to be fully proficient in the language. 

Apply at http://ggvcommunity.mikecrm.com/cEkWZYw.

Read on why we organized GGV Fellows here https://hans.vc/why-we-organized-ggv-fellows/

After 20 months and 42 episodes, we are taking a moment to reflect and celebrate on this podcast. You will hear from Hans and Zara on the behind the scene story of how this podcast was started, why an English podcast about tech in China and what people can expect for the next season. You will also hear from our listeners’ community asking Hans and Zara a wide spectrum of questions. Special thanks to Kenny Chan, Jacky Shen, Jun Zhang, Huang Zexin, Jenny Niu, Jonas Wolf and Barbara dos Santos, who recorded their questions for us.

“GGV 996 Podcast”是GGV采访中美创投的英文播客节目,是英文世界最受欢迎的关于中国互联网的播客节目。