Gladiator 跨境电商角斗士

Gladiator 跨境电商角斗士



《E-Commerce Gladiator 跨境电商角斗士》,是一档跨境电商创业真人秀节目,节目主角美国人Mike Michelini 迈理倪,早在2004年在华尔街工作期间就利用业余时间成为eBay大卖家,2007年来到中国深圳做生意,2013年创办Global From Asia,推出跨境电商创始人访谈秀节目,成为全球最大的跨境电商生意人社交和学习的平台,如今重新返回“卖家”竞技场,他将与合伙人最新创办的跨境电商公司的整个过程录制成音频和视频节目,让观众学习并参与到如何创业做跨境电商公司的游戏中来。创业者既是角斗士,加入跨境电商“卖家”竞技场,只要你肯努力,你就是未来的“大卖家!”

“E-Commerce Gladiator" is a cross-border e-commerce business reality show program. Mike Michelini in 2004 started selling on eBay while working on Wall Street. In 2007 he moved to China to dive into the world of China business. In 2013 he launched Global From Asia as a cross-border e-commerce business interview podcast. GFA has now become the world's largest Cross Border E-Commerce Community platform.  Mike has now returned back to the "seller" arena. He is documenting the entire process with a team of founders. The new company's cross-border e-commerce has become a TV show, to allow the audience to learn and take part in the cross-border e-commerce game. An entrepreneur is Gladiator. Join the cross-border e-commerce seller's arena: as long as you work hard, your the future member of the "big sellers!"