[9-Water 视频] 变废为宝的水回收 | Recycle waste water

[9-Water 视频] 变废为宝的水回收 | Recycle waste water




Many regions of the world are facing droughts, shrinking water supplies or both.


We need to be smarter about how we use and conserve water so it’s not wasted and more critically continues to support life on Earth.


We’re going to have to be innovative about how we source water.


Recycling water can be the best and cheapest way to conserve fresh water resources.


Waste water, that comes from our bath filling up and washing machines is known as grey water.


Grey water can be reused or filtered so that we can use it again.


Some scientist’s say we could be drinking recycled water as soon as 2040.


Then there is black water.  That’s the water that comes from toilets and kitchen sinks, which contains millions of harmful microorganisms and bacteria.


Black water usually gets sent to a treatment plant to be cleaned.



The Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco designed their entire building to collect black water.


The water is treated to a level that is suitable for toilet flushing and watering their plants.


By recycling water on site they use 65% less water.


What if apartments, office buildings and schools all had technology like this?


Imagine how much water we could save in the future.