[1-Animals 视频]哺乳动物大家族 | Mammals

[1-Animals 视频]哺乳动物大家族 | Mammals









Little cat...

... and big cat!

Do you know what these animals have in common? They're mammals!

All newborn mammals feed on their mother's milk.

The mothers give birth and the young are looked after until they're strong enough to survive on their own.

Koalas and kangaroos protect their tiny young in pouches.

Mammals are hairy!

The hair stops heat from escaping through the skin.

If you live where it is very cold, it's good to have lots of hair.

All mammals have a skeleton and lungs to breathe with.

Mammals live all over the planet.

Below ground, under the sea, in freezing climates and blazing heat.

There is only one mammal that can fly - the bat!

The largest mammal on land is the African elephant. It uses its long trunks to breathe and drink water... and to lift things.

Elephants are herbivores. They spend a lot of time eating to grow so enormous!

But in the ocean lives the largest mammal of all - the blue whale. Its heart is so big, we could swim inside it!

Hiding in the leaves is a tiny mammal - the mouse. It darts quickly this way and that to find food and avoid being eaten.

Some mammals live with us as pets!

Many mammals are endangered, like tigers and leopards. Some species are almost extinct in the wild, and can only be found in zoos or wildlife parks.

Can you think of another animal with hair... and a skeleton... who gives birth to babies and feeds them milk?

Us! We are mammals too!



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