09. Pinocchio

试听9009. Pinocchio





Once upon a time, there was a carpenter named Geppetto. He lived by himself, and he was lonely.

Geppetto had always wanted a son. Then one day, the old man made a puppet in the figure of a little boy. It was very small and cute. It had a long and pointed nose. Geppetto named the puppet Pinocchio.

One night, Geppetto made a wish to the Wishing Star, “How I wish my puppet were areal boy.” Then he went to sleep.

Luckily,the Blue Fairy listened to his wish. She touched the little puppet and made him real. She told Pinocchio that he must be a good son to Geppetto and always be truthful.

The next morning, Geppetto was very surprised. Pinocchio had become a real boy! Geppetto hugged and kissed Pinocchio.

Soon, Pinocchio went to school like the other children. But he didn’t notice that the Fox and the Cat was following him. The Fox and the Cat wanted to sell Pinocchio to Stromboli, who owned a puppet theater.

The Fox and the Cat pretended to make friends with Pinocchio. They told Pinocchio that they could make him a super star.

Pinocchio was excited. He didn’t want to go to school. Instead, he wanted to be a star.So, he went to Stromboli’s puppet theater with the Fox and the Cat.

Pinocchio sang and danced on the stage. He loved the cheers of the audience. He loved being a star! That evening, he wanted to go home, but he was locked up in a cage by Stromboli. Pinocchio was very scared.

Luckily,the Blue Fairy appeared. She asked Pinocchio, “Why didn’t you go to school?”

Pinocchio was ashamed to tell the truth, so he made up a story. He said two monsters with green eyes had captured him. Just then, his nose started to grow longer and longer.

The Fairy told him that his nose would grow longer when he told a lie. Pinocchio felt so ashamed. He told the truth to the Fairy and swore to be a truthful boy from then on. Then, his nose took its own shape again.

The Fairy knew Pinocchio was really sorry, so she opened the cage and let him go.

Pinocchioran home immediately. He knew Geppetto was waiting for him at home!