07. Finding Nemo

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Finding Nemo

In the ocean, there lived a little fish named Nemo. Nemo lived peacefully with his dad,Marlin. But Nemo longed for adventure.

On the first day of school, Nemo was very excited. He and his new friends competed to swim to a cliff. Nemo swam very fast.

Suddenly,a diver appeared with a net and caught Nemo. Then he took Nemo back to his boat.

Marlin chased after the boat, but it was too fast. Marlin fell behind. 

Marlin was very anxious. He was risking everything to find Nemo.

Just then,Marlin bumped into a fish named Dory. Dory said she had seen the boat. So,Marlin and Dory swam to look for Nemo together.

Suddenly,Marlin saw the diver’s mask! Dory noticed some writing on it. Dory read, “Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.” It was the diver’s address!

Miles away, Nemo was in a fish tank at a dentist’s office in Sydney.

Back in the ocean, Marlin and Dory met a sea turtle named Squirt. When Squirt heard about their search for Nemo, Squirt told the story to all his friends. Soon the news spread all the way to Sydney.

Marlin and Dory swam to Sydney. There, they met Nigel. Nigel was very kind, he took Marlin and Dory straight to the dentist’s office.

However,the dentist had decided to give Nemo to his niece. He went to the fish tank,and as he lifted Nemo out of the tank, he saw Nemo floating belly up. He was surprised.

Nemo winked at his friends in the tank. He was pretending to be dead. His plan worked. The dentist dropped Nemo into the toilet, and flushed Nemo away.  

Marlin thought Nemo was dead. He felt so sad. He went back into the ocean.

However,after a while, Nemo swam out of a nearby pipe after being flushed. He was so brave! Nemo swam into the ocean. He felt so happy!

Suddenly,Nemo saw his dad. Nemo called out, “Daddy!”Marlin turned around and saw Nemo! He was so happy to see his son again.

Finally,Marlin and Nemo were back home. Marlin knew that his son was very brave.

When Nemo went to school, he hugged Marlin and said, “Love you, Daddy.” Marlin smiled and replied, “I love you, too, son. Now, go have an adventure!”