05. Peter Pan

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Peter Pan

A long time ago in London, there lived three children, their names were Wendy, John,and Michael. Wendy told her brothers stories about a faraway place—Never Land.

The hero of these stories was Peter Pan, a boy who never grew up. He had many wonderful adventures.

One night, when the children were fast asleep, Peter Pan flew in through the window.He had come to search for his shadow.

Just then, Wendy woke up. She was thrilled to meet Peter Pan! She agreed to help him capture his shadow.

Peter liked Wendy. He asked Wendy to fly with him to Never Land. “You will never grow up there!” he promised.

Wendy agreed, and she asked John and Michael to fly with Peter Pan, too.

So, the children flew all the way to Never Land—home to Peter and the Lost Boys. They had a wonderful time there!

One day,Peter went to visit his friend Lily. The three children and the Lost Boys all stayed at Peter’s home. But soon, the children became homesick. Michael cried, “I want my mother.”

Wendy comforted him and promised that they would all go back home soon.

But suddenly, they heard some noises. Ah! It was Captain Hook! He was a wicked pirate. Once, in a battle, Peter Pan had cut off Hook’s hand. Hook and the other pirates captured the children and took them to Hook’s ship!

All the boys were frightened, but Wendy encouraged them, “Peter Pan will save us!”

Hearing that, Hook had an evil plan. He left a present in Peter’s home. It was a bomb! He wanted to kill Peter!

When Peter got back home, he found no one, but saw that there was a present. Peter was anxious to find his friends so he didn’t open the present. Peter followed the footprints to the ship!

In order to save his friends, Peter fought with Hook. But after a long fight, Peter couldn’t defeat Hook.

Suddenly,Peter noticed a crocodile under the water. Peter pushed Hook into the water with all his strength. Hook fell into the water and became the crocodile’s dinner.

The children all clapped and cheered.

After this incident, Peter sent Wendy, John, and Michael back to London safely.

As for Peter Pan, he was not ready to grow up yet. He flew off on another wonderful adventure!