Sofia the First



Meanwhile, Clover has been telling the dove story after story about his friend Sofia.


“Hey, kid,” the dove interrupts (打断), “if you two had so much fun together, why did you leave?”


“She got busy and didn’t have time for me,” Clover admits.


“Most people get busy,” replies the dove. “That doesn’t mean they love you any less.”


“I’m going home,” Clover says, and he hops toward the exit door.


But the magician stops him. “I’m not about to have another bunny run out on me,” he says, stuffing Clover into (把…装进) his hat. “Five minutes till showtime!”


After the magician goes onstage, Clover hears a friendly voice call his name.


“I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” exclaims Sofia. “I’m sorry I wasn’t spending enough time with you. If you come back, I’ll make it up (弥补) to you.”


Clover leaps into Sofia’s arms for a hug.


Then the magician returns. “What are you doing with my magic bunny?” he demands (询问), snatching (夺回) Clover from Sofia. “If you want to see him, feel free to buy a ticket to the show.”


Clover’s eyes fill with (充满) tears as he is put back into the hat and carried onstage.


Luckily, Sofia has seen this magic act before—and she comes up with a plan. “All I need to do is volunteer for the last trick and Clover will appear right in my arms!” she tells her friends. “But I need a disguise.”


Madame Ubetcha suddenly appears, holding out a yellow cloak. “I knew you would need this,” the fortune-teller says.


Sofia pulls the hood of the cloak (斗篷) over her head. She finds a seat in the audience just as the magician asks for a volunteer for his grand finale (压轴秀).


The princess raises her hand and calls out, “Me! Me!” in a deep voice. The magician calls her to the stage. Even Clover doesn’t recognize her.


“Let the amazement (奇迹) begin!” shouts the magician. He puts Clover in a box and closes the curtain. When the curtain is opened again, Clover is gone!


“Now, young lady,” the magician says to Sofia, “it is your turn to step inside.”


Sofia steps in. After the curtain is closed, a hidden (隐藏的) panel in the box rotates (旋转), and Sofia and Clover are together! She takes off her hood and whispers, “I’m here to rescue you!”


The magician pulls back the curtain. He peeks (看) through the back of the box and sees Sofia and Clover running away. “Come back with my magic bunny!” he yells.


Sofia and Clover jump on Minimus’s back. But the magician grabs hold of Clover before the pony can take off. Robin and Mia block his path. As the magician turns, Crackle swoops (俯冲) down and lets out a burst of flames (火焰). The magician yelps and drops Clover.


Crackle catches the bunny, and his friends cheer. “I told you it would be handy to have a dragon around,” Crackle says proudly (自豪地).


Clover thanks everyone for saving him.


“Next time you have a problem, promise me you’ll come talk to me before you go off and join a magic show,” Sofia tells her furry friend.


“You got it!” replies Clover. Then he cuddles (依偎着) up to Sofia as Minimus flies them back home.