Beauty and the Beast



Suddenly, the door flew open. A voice boomed. “There’s a stranger (陌生人) here…” Maurice jumped out of his chair. In the shadows lurked (潜藏) a large, hulking (笨重的) figure. “Please…I needed a place to stay…” “I’ll give you a place to stay!” The Beast (野兽) grabbed Maurice and dragged (拖出) him out of the room.


Back home at the cottage, Belle heard a knock at the door and opened it.


“Gaston! What a ‘pleasant’ surprise!”


“Belle, there’s not a girl in town who wouldn’t love to be in your shoes. Do you know why? Because I want to marry you!”


“Gaston, I’m speechless (无语的)! I’m sorry, but…but… I just don’t deserve (值得) you!”


As Gaston left he tripped and fell in the mud. When Belle peeked out, she saw that the villagers had gathered in her yard hoping to see a wedding. The vicar and all Gaston’s friends saw him humiliated (丢脸的)!


After the villagers and a very angry Gaston left, Belle ran outside to feed the chickens. There she found Philippe, alone. “Phillipe! What are you doing here? Where’s Papa?”


The horse whinnied anxiously (焦急地). Frightened, Belle leaped onto Philippe and returned to the mysterious forest. Soon, they found the castle.


“What is this place?” Belle tried to steady Philippe. Then she saw Maurice’s hat on the ground.


Belle hurried inside the gloomy (阴森的) castle and wandered down the vast, deserted (荒凉的) corridors. “Papa? Are you here? It’s Belle.” No one replied, but Belle didn’t know that the Enchanted Objects (魔法物品) had seen her.


With joy, Lumiere danced around the mantel clock. “Don’t you see? She’s the one! She has come to break the spell!”


Without noticing them, Belle continued to search for her father.


Finally, Belle discovered Maurice locked in a tower. “Papa! We have to get you out of there!” Suddenly she heard a voice from the shadows.


“What’re you doing here?” Belle gasped, “Please let my father go. Take me instead!”


“You would take his place?” Belle asked the voice to step into the light and was horrified when she saw the huge, ugly Beast. To save her father, however, Belle agreed to stay in the Beast’s castle forever.


The Beast dragged Maurice out of the castle and threw him into a carriage (马车) that would return him to town. There, the inventor stumbled (跌跌撞撞地走) into a tavern (酒馆) where Gaston was surrounded by his friends. “Please, I need your help! A horrible beast has Belle locked in a dungeon!”


“Did it have cruel, sharp fangs (牙齿)?” One villager sneered.


Maurice grasped the man’s coat. “Yes! Yes! Will you help me out (帮助)?”


“We’ll help you out, old man.” Gaston and his pals tossed (扔) the inventor out of the tavern. But Maurice’s wild story gave Gaston an idea.


At the castle, Belle nervously followed the Beast upstairs. He paused for a moment. “The castle is your home now, so you can go anywhere you like… except (除了) the West Wing (西翼楼).” Belle stared back.


“What’s in the West Wing?”


“It’s forbidden (禁止的)!” Glaring, the Beast opened the door to her room. “You will join me for dinner. That’s not a request!”


After the Beast stomped (踏着重步走) off, Belle flung herself on the bed. “I’ll never escape from this prison-or see my father again!”